Tasha's Tips for Virtual Villagers

this site was created by kids, for kids. for all who love virtual villagers!!! If the information here is not enough, you can always e-mail me at  Laughingtashaschwartz@verizon.netLaughing      Or, if you want to post a question and get an answer, you can also e-mail me and I will post your question, or answer.

Ok, the first milestone is  to open the well. place one of your villagers right by the closed well. The villager must be at least a traniee builder. Milestone #2 is the completion of the new hut. The starting of the new hut is already started. Milestone 3, is the completion of the clean beach. this will take a while to solve. (villagers do not move fast, lol). The 4th milestone is the new developted school. Just place a Master scientist right by the school. He will then start researching. The 5th milestone is the completion of the lagoon. You MUST have a master builder to remove the rocks. The other villagers will join in sooner or later. The 6th milestone has to have a master farmer. First place the master farmer in the lagoon and she will start to fish. Uh oh, the 7th milestone is the cemetary! When a villager dies, place another villager on top of the skeloton. He will then burry the village corpse. Note: you MUST have researed Spiritually. The 8th milestone is easy. Just have a villager research all of the plants. The garden, milestone 9. You MUST have the golden child to complete this milstone. To get pollenation of the garden, you must take the golden child, and place him on the butterflys, after that the butterflys will follow him. Then, take him to where the garden is suposed to be. The butterflys will bring the garden. Milestone 10 has to have the completion of the golden child. Ok, when you have the butterflys attention on the golen child, take the child to the bush that 'could have fruit'. The butterflys will polonate the stange plant. The 11th milestone, the ruins. You must have the second research in Spirtually and a master builder. Place your builder on the ruins, and he will restore it. Milestone 12, is the completion of the idol. You must have a master builder and level 3 in spiritually. Once done, place a master builder on the big rock, he will start chipping it. The 13th milestone, is the MOST INPORTANT one of all.... the golden child!!! To get the golden child you must have level 3 in spiritually and fertilliy. After that, just get a nursing mum and place her in the lagoon. WELLA!!! The golden child is born! (the golden chlid will live forever). Milestone 14, the butterflys. Get the butterflys to follow the golden child. The 15th milestone is the find of the buried treasure. You must have level 3 in science. Place a master builder between the ruins and the hut by the beach. They will start digging. The 15 milestone is completed by the golden child. He will push the bolder. Then place any villager inside the cave.... You will uncover another mystery about the island yet to be solved.............

I hope these helped you. I finished my game, I hope you finish yours!!Wink If you have any questions, please e-mail me at  Cooltashaschwartz@verizon.netCool I love virtual villagers! THANK YOU!


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